1. Will That Be Enough
  2. Hungry (feat. Nikolaus Weinheim)
  3. The Sun is Gone Again
  4. Friend
  5. A Treat
  6. It Ain't Easy
  7. Composition 42
  8. Consolation Sigh
  9. Kissed By The Winds
  10. The City's Waking Up (LP Version)
  11. Prove Him Right
  12. Frequency And Color
  13. Within You

Produced and Recorded by Alaska in the basement
Mixed by King Django at Version City Studio
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music

“Gespielt wird hier sehr versierter, ruhiger Ska und Rocksteady, ALASKA überzeugen mit ihrer musikalischen Qualität...” — Ox Fanzine

“...mehr als ausreichend dafür, das Album schon früh im Jahr für die Top Ten 2011 zu nominieren...” — Rocking Steady

“...Unbeschwertheit und Lockerheit, mit geordneten Bläser-Einwürfen und musikalischen Ausflügen in die 50er, untermalt durch die prägnante Stimme von Sänger Fabian Grütter.” — Tracks Magazin

Will That Be Enough

(F. Grütter)

As long as I don’t fail to see / How many times I failed to be / Someone you can count on / Will that be enough? As long as I don’t fail to be / The one who never fails to see / How wrong I’ve often gone / Will that be enough? I’ve never claimed I made no mistakes / And I’m well aware that you’ve had your share / Of trouble I caused, but now I am lost since you tumble and toss / So tell me. I know you’re fed up with promises that I drop / And since you’ve had enough, you do not trust / In anything that I say, in all of my ways / But let me ask you one thing. Oh, many times I’ve failed to see / That I wasn’t the man, the man I could be / But now that you know that I am so far away from who I want me to be / Please tell me.


(T. Grütter/F. Grütter)

I am hungry (Why don’t you feed him your lies?) I’ve been starving for days and nights (Why won’t you feed him your lies?) Bold words on bold men / In a cold world, that helps me understand / We are really just interested in seeing each other fall down. I am blind (Why don’t you show him the way?) I’ve been erring for many a day (Why won’t you show him the way?) Bold words from old men / In a cold world, that helps me understand / The path of least resistance is the path we all go down. I am aching (Why don’t you hand him a pill?) Haven’t you been listening (Why won’t you hand him a pill?) Bold words from bold men / In a cold world, that helps me understand / As long as we don’t feel a thing we are all really just fine.


(F. Grütter/T. Tonewheel)

Come on darlin’, let me tell you about me! Now, I’ve been holding back words inside, they wouldn’t come out / But for as long as I can remember, you’ve always been so lovely and tender / That’s why I don’t want to be your friend alone tonight.

The Sun is Gone Again

(T. Tonewheel/F. Grütter)

The sun is gone again / One more day without anything / That I could show the world to prove / Without anything for my soul to soothe. Once again the sun will rise / To let me know that it’s time to open my eyes / And I’ll tell myself today is the day / When they won’t hear what they want me to say. Once again the sun has set / Once again that I have let / Myself down and the world, too / Once again I did what they wanted me to.

It Ain’t Easy

(T. Tonewheel)

It ain’t easy to please my girl / For all I really know she wants me to give her the world / But if there’s one thing I know will do / I’m gonna take her to the dancing tonight. All my life is sent to the drain / Since I’ve been with her / Not one free minute, not a single day / How can you satisfy this woman? It ain’t easy to please my girl / For a little loving sure ain’t love enough for her / But if there’s one thing I know we’ll do / I’m gonna take her to the dancing tonight.

Composition 42

(F. Hensel/F. Grütter)

I got this feeling / That something is wrong You should be here with me / Singing this song / We wrote this song of love / A Composition for two / And now I’m supposed to be singing / The words for you too. Do You remember how we sat down / By the lake that night / With just a pen and a blank sheet of paper / And our story to write. I thought that this would always live on / No story no bond stronger than ours I thought that you would always right my wrongs / Had I only known that a bond of words and paper wouldn’t safe / Me from myself. How could I sing of love / With you not around / How do I say these things / When love can’t be found / And now I sing our song / Empty words for you / Tryin’ to convince them all / I’m not feeling blue.

Consolation Sigh

(F. Grütter)

He laughed as you cried / And when you raised your head / A consolation sigh was all that you got / But a consolation sigh / Could never bring back the years that you’ve lost. So this is just another story / Of two lovers, but no glory / Not even worth mentioning at all. Had it not been / For the degradation in the name of love / For the humiliation patronized from above / For apologies undone by callousness / For all the good things that you missed. You think it’s just another story? / Of two lovers, but no glory / Why would he mention it at all?

Kissed by the Winds

(T. Tonewheel/F. Grütter)

As I was looking for a song in an old grey box / That I wrote a long time ago / I remembered I kinda liked it but couldn’t recall the words / I stumbled upon a picture of her. She was dancing to music reluctantly / She didn’t feel the music she didn’t feel the beat / But her body was still waving about to swallow me / If only I had noticed what today I can see. I should have known that it ain’t no good swimming / In a sea that’s been kissed by the winds / Though the waves they seem so tempting to swim in / There ain’t no chance that you’ll come out winning.

The City’s Waking Up

(T. Tonewheel/F. Grütter)

The city’s waking up and I am trying, too / I have barely slept two hours and neither have you / But still I’m strolling along a road that’s lit by light / Desperately trying to fight away the night. With my eyes half shut I’m on collision course / The grumpy old grey lady pushed away with force / With no obstacle in my way, I stroll on / Still not really knowing where I belong. After my first cigarette / My stomach rebels But right now all I’m thinking ‘bout rebels is / Go to hell / So only out of spite I go and order myself / The largest cup of coffee and drink to my health. I can still barely see who is crossing my way / But I am determined not to give no one way / But right in this moment I rush into you / You must have been trying to walk yourself free, too.

Prove Him Right

(F. Grütter)

There was a singer in my ear / He believed and so he sang: “you’re not alone” / His words still ring loud and clear / As if it were yesterday or not so long ago. He also sang about beauty and how it all boils down / To if we see the ruby in the ones that we’ve found / But if there’s a ruby in everyone we meet / How am I supposed to know if sour will turn to sweet / Or if sour will be good enough, a company I should keep / So I guess till the day that I know that he was right / I will cling onto his words in hope to prove him right. A writer caught my eyes / With words about giving all you can for all your hopes / But, oh, it felt like a lie / At point at which I couldn’t seem to cope.

Frequency And Color

(F. Grütter)

Your gaze directed at a place / Without space and time / With no tomorrow nor the day after / Neither reason nor rhyme Where millstones turn your life to dust / Watered by regrets over all that’s been lost. Your lips they move and with them / all the air that surrounds them / tickling my eardrums but failing my heart / but one good look at you will render / your words obsolete / it grabs my heart and rocks it like a baby into its sleep. Is it silence that has deafened you? / Is it darkness that has blinded you? / Crippled by a lack of frequency and color / You waste away and with you all the secrets that you harbor. Your gaze directed at a place / Still without space and time / With no tomorrow nor the day after / Neither reason nor rhyme / Where millstones turn your life to dust / If only you knew this is not where you got lost.

Within You

(K. Hensel)

You thought this was the end of the world / But it was just the end of another lousy day /And when you realize that it is all in your mind / Don’t you feel it can be done? And when you feel you cannot carry on /Why won’t you let someone make you cry or smile? / You let that one embrace and embrace that one, too / That’s when you feel it can be done. Sometimes it’s hard to listen to your heart and let it guide your way / Though it’s been broken it might break again so you think you’d better stop / You’re giving up letting it guide you through, but that’s not all of you / Because who is who in this game we play? To find some peace seems easy, you know / Be honest with yourself and then you go / For the things that make up for your mind and those that create / Don’t you feel it free your mind?

A Treat

(K. Hensel)

I am reaching for your love, baby / I want you to treat me right /And my way to get your love, baby / Is to dance with you all the night. This is going well darling / We’re grooving closer now / Why not have a drink and a chat over there at the bar. Who’s the guy that grabs your arm and looks into your eyes / With a strange hypnotic view he tells you / To watch out what you do / And then a murderous glance over at me. •

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