January 2009 on Leech Records

Alaska Store




Recorded and mixed by
Gavin Maitland
Mastered by Tom Meyer

  1. Something In Between
  2. What I Said
  3. Mr Past
  4. Burning Street
  5. For A While
  6. Trouble
  7. Don't You Know
  8. 48 Rodeo Drive
  9. All That Matters
  10. Boogaloo
  11. Got Her Back
  12. Something Else

Zeitlos und herausragend schön!
– Skalender

Man interpretiert SKA traditionell und das macht die Publikation zu etwas Besonderem.
– in-your-face.de

Voller überraschender Variationen, spannend, anregend und mitreissend zugleich bewegen die neun Jungs aus dem Zürcher Oberland...
– trespass.ch

Something in Between

Is this where we go now
For this is where we’ve been
Running round in circles

Chasing ways that long have been

Love you in the morning
Love you in the night
Don’t know where it’s leading
But it sure feels all right

Do you mind, when I come a little closer now
'cause way too long it’s been
Something in between
Do you find You leave your sorrow
behind, now it’s all mine

You tell me that you want me
I say the same to you
Who cares what love means
Cause this here sure feels true

Why worry about tomorrow
When yesterday was great
I want you to be mine
If only for tonight

What I Said

Woke up this morning with an aching head
Can’t remember all the things she said
My head seems so heavy I can’t keep it straight
Called up my baby
She say man, it’s too late

Pull myself together
Gotta get my act together
And be what I ought to be

We were supposed to meet at seven o’clock
In a café downtown but she didn’t show up
Later that night I start to worry
and drove to her flat
Found her all wasted
And here’s what I said

Pull yourself together
Gotta get your act together
And be what you ought to be

Mr. Past

When you moved in you promised
To stay no longer than one day or two
Before I could tell you not to your clothes lay
on the table in my living room

And although I never told you to make
yourself at home you’d do
all of these things that only everyone
apart from you’s allowed to do

Drinking from all of my cups and puking
all over my beloved rugs
Therefore the wish in me grew
to squash you like a cockroach
in my dining room

So long, Mister Past. Time to go on cause
you’re free at last and I’ve grown so sick and tired of you
Go on, Mister Past.
Don’t you hold on cause you’re free at last and
I’m done with all the games you played

No more no sleepless nights no endless fights
of drinking all of my beer
You heard you’re really not welcome
so better leave or I’ll make you disappear

For A While

The clouds had gathered all around
I knew I'd soon be lost then found
The wind was whispering
As I recalled that blissful summer evening

How you stuck me with your smile
I knew you'd safe me for a while
And for a while seemed long enough
To sign up for a time too rough

While the sky was clearing up
I reminisced, how bad we fucked up
But one fuck up was still to be
done and so I set you free

How you struck me with your tears
I knew they'd follow me for years
But years didn't seem too long
And so I left you

We are
Both painted black and white
We are the shadow we are the light
We are both day and night
We are the moon, we are the tide


In my heart the fire is out
Nothing but truth has caused some doubt
And in my veins the blood runs cold
Never did I wanna be told

Where will I go where will I run tonight
From the trouble in my life
All my life I have been taught to run away
How could it be different today

Soon as I start to doubt your choice
Once again I hear your voice
And in my veins the blood runs cold
Never did I wanna be told

Since I been told my time’s running out
I made up my mind I gotta bust out
And in my veins the blood runs cold
I can’t go back
I have been told

Don't You Know

Where do you run to
When you need to hide
Searching for cover in
an endless rainy night
Who do you turn to
When you're down and out
Are these questions
you want to determine your life

When did you stop believing
You could follow through
Every hardship that they
Would put me through
Why are you done with dreaming
of dreams you wanna come true
Is this all that's left is this really you

Don't you know you sold your soul
Deep down to the darkness
of your lonely heart
Don't you see you could be free
From everything you are
From everything you'll be
You contemplate, it could have been
would have been should have been you
But don't you think
that it could have been would have been
should have been you

ALL That Matters

The sun has set on another painful day
Your heart's been broken
and the pieces swept away
Too numb to cry but too sad to hide away
The aching bitterness that follows from this day

Once in a lifetime everyone's
gonna walk down the same road
Once in a lifetime everyone's
gonna head out for the same goal
And all that matters is to know
That you're not walking alone

Beyond a bitter sea of endless sacrifice
You hope to get rid of the pain
and all the lies
That wrap your virtues into sadness and disguise
So that you soon will find
the strength to roll the dice

Another lesson learned
with no one asking you
You shiver in the cold and hope no déja-vu
Will black out the sky so far above your head
That you will soon forget what you now sadly lack


You try to hang on
And show us that you're tough
Danny you know we'll never get enough of you
But it'll always be a fuss with us
So hang on, hang on Mr. Boogaloo

Mister don't you ever let 'em get you down
We pray that you will always be around
Danny you know, you will always wear the crown
So hang on, hang on Mr. Boogaloo

And I don't know you're being so humble
Though you're always wearing the fanciest suit
With you by our side we're sure to always get the loot
You know we're no fit to hold a candle to your slicked back hair
But Danny boy, don't you care

Something Else

Everytime we've been together
Life was wonderful
You were so beautiful
But then you had to say you'd better
Go on by yourself
To look for something else

Now everytime we are together
Life's not wonderful
But you're still beautiful
Tell me why you had to shatter
My heart so viciously
Did you think you will be free

But you are running from yourself
You say you love me, no someone else
But what's the point of Love itself
If you can't find that someone else

Please come back and stay forever
We will find out truth
In this thing called Love

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