1. 1. Prologue
  2. 2. Dead End
  3. 3. Cindy's Diner
  4. 4. I'm Over You
  5. 5. Rude Girl
  6. 6. Walkie Talkie
  7. 7. Don't Be Cruel

  8. 8. Ride Back Home
  9. 9. Go On
  10. 10. She Would Have
  11. 11. Why Do
  12. 12. Mourning Again
  13. 13. My Old Friend

Recorded by Gavin Maitland at Star Track Studio
Mixed by Victor Rice at Estudio El Rocha, assisted by Bernardo Pacheco
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music
Additional musicians: Victor Rice (bass on 9 & 13), Naomi Jessica Sigfalk (choir on 7)

Dead End

The duel’s on, a dry bush
rolling over the road
Unnoticed by four eyes staring
into each other’s lies
Women gather their childs
Vultures take place on the church
The undertaker’s hammerfall is the only sound around

Not just lonesome cowboys
not sheriff and criminal
Not two men of equal stand
nor and oxymoron
Ride faster my horse, ride faster
Ride faster to take me away
away from this disaster!

In a world of sand and dust
where everyone’s a judge
Two men, stuck in their belts
their guns won’t come to rest
The reasons why they meet
just vaporised in the heat
Cause they both know the flying steel will never heal

The priest walks up on them and yells
What in the Lord's name are you doing
A drop of water flashes up
at the tap of the well
Only the two can sense its fall
and it makes them draw
Just one shot

Cindy's Diner

I woke up in the back of my truck
Didn’t know what direction to go
Put myself behind the steering wheel
Lit a cigarette and pushed back the seat

And again I hit the road
Without knowing where I’m going
Only me and the gloom of the night
And the stars all shining bright, oh so bright

And the rising sun it burns the night away
As I find me driving
Until the end of time
Willie can’t wait to get On the Road Again
As I find me driving
Until the end of time

As I’m speeding down the road
The fuel tank’s slowly running dry
So I’ll take my next stop at Cindy’s Diner
Just to satisfy my needs

As I sit there at the bar
Watching all the passing cars
I get overwhelmed once more
By that urge to roam the road

And the rising sun it burns the night away
As I find me driving
Until the end of time
I'll take a next stop at Cindy’s Diner
And I take her with me
Until the end of time

I'm Over You

Everytime I see you there
I think of us and what we were
A loving couple until you
Left me for another fool

I'm not over you
And I feel so blue
I'm not over you

Half a year I was depressed,
suicidal had no rest
But then when life was getting better
I saw you there and was all shattered

Yesterday when I was sad
A girl came by who looked not bad
She asked me Do you want some dinner
We were a match and now I'm the winner

I'm so over you
And I feel so new
I'm so over you

Rude Girl

Rude Girl, you keep on walking
Rude Girl, you let them talk to your hand
Come on! Pay me a visit
And we’re gonna have a good time

Rude Girl, you know it ain’t easy
But you know, it isn’t too hard, too
So go out, meet me ‘round midnight
And I’ll take you to the show

Rude Girl, you’re looking for freedom
Responsibility keeps catchin’ up with you
And in the end you’ll work it out with no doubt
That’s why I wanna be with you

Hey darlin’, keep on walking!
Never fear that you ain’t on the right track
Why do I speak, when you already know
Yes, I wanna be with you

Don't Be Cruel

Don't be so cruel to me
I'm just a fool you see
There's way to much cruelty
So let's make love and save the world

I put no spell on you
I promise I'll never do
Love shines on me and you
So let's use it to save the world
So let's make love to save the world

Let's turn the gray skies blue
Real love can make it true
Everybody do it too
only your love can save the world

Ride Back Home

All that she wanted was a ride back home
So I had to tell her girl please leave me alone
Because I couldn't care less about you coming home
And I was all alone

Friday night I thought I found
someone to share
An easy night without any care
Soon I found out that her notion
did not correspond with mine
So I set myself in motion and waved her goodbye

Saturday night I met a pretty little lady
The conversation was going fine
Soon I realised that this pretty little lady
was just a little bit... too lazy to walk home

Once more I did misinterpret
All of her signs so I better set
myself in motion and wave her goodbye

Go On

Say the things
I don’t even dare to think, baby
In my face
tear down the wall of silence we built

Baby you know you'll ever regret
the chance you missed with me
Don't even think that I'll be waiting
for you to change your mind
Work it out
tryin’ to shout out loud the fire in me

I know you want me blue
want me keeping you inside of me
So I’m staying blue
Waiting for someone to set me free
But not for you
Other mothers have pretty daughters too

She Would Have

She would have treat me right but I did know
If I’d give in that thing would do me no good
What’s in my head no one knows I can’t tell
And/But until here it all went perfectly well

It was an evening like all the other days
When we would meet along our ways
Had me a beer or maybe two
Couldn’t... what she would put me through

Oh baby what did she expect from me?
That I would guide her through her misery?

Every morning she’dn’t let go off of me
Had to assure her that back I’ll be
I felt imprisoned by her obsession of me
Next thing I know is I had set me free

Why Do

Why do you worry?
What does it need to make you happy?

I see you, Sunday morning
sitting over your coffee
Your head down, I come to think
that the sun isn't shining for you
Where's the drive that otherwise
we get to see bubbling in you
It aches my heart whenever I see the light fading from your eyes

Sometimes I talk myself into believing
that I don't know anything about you
Bad times keep spooking in my head while the good things are forgotten to soon
If only I would be the one who you want to understand your own world
I'm going to wait in line for whenever you need me to be there

My Old Friend

My old friend – where have you gone?
It seems like yesterday to me
When we were going – through thick and thin
Through hangovers after bottles of gin

Haven’t seen you in years
Haven’t heard how you do
I don’t even think that much about you
But still I remember
The times back when
We were hanging out and smoking those things unsound

My old friend – I’d like to see
If you’re still alive or R I P
But either way – it doesn’t really matter
Cause all that’s left are memories

My old friend – where have you gone
It seems like yesterday to me
Haven’t seen you – haven’t heard you
I almost doubt if our friendship was true

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