Claiming Land cover

Claiming Land (EP)

March 2005 on 808 Records

  1. Intro
  2. Paradise
  3. Fly
  4. Without You
  5. Ride To Nowhere
  6. Watch Your Step
  7. Outro

Recorded and mixed by Urs Hirscher at the Dynamo Tonstudio, Zürich
Mastered by Glenn Miller at Greenwood Studios, Nunningen


When you think your life's running out of sense
You got a boring job and boring friends
Everyday, you get up early – only for your boss
You see the time running by but you stand still
You wanna break out of that cramping cell
Everyday the same old joke
You're laughing just by gentleness

We've got a solution for you
We can help you out – listen what we say

Follow us – we'll take you on a ride
Follow us – to a place where you can hide
Follow us – we'll take you on a ride
To our very own paradise

Everything you touch is about to break
You realize that your watch is just a fake
You don't know how to go on
The only color your see is black
Everyone is tearing on your nerves
It's clear that this is not what you deserve
Don't panic calm down 'cause it will get better soon

Even when you think you'll soon go overboard
Don't stop don't give up there's always a way out
Black clouds above your heads, no reason to be scared
You gotta carry on

Without You

Remember how we used to
Look at the flowers under the moon
Remember how we stood there
You were mine and I was yours
Remember all the time we had
the nights we spent
the love we shared
I just can't forget you
And I miss you so

Remember how you kissed me
In your arms I felt so free
Remember how you loved me
I was where I wanted to be
Remember all the time we had
the nights we spent
the love we shared
I just can't forget you
And I miss you so

You're the one who showed me
How it's worth to be alive
You were my everything, the queen of my day
The princess of my night
Now you're gone and you left me here
with nothing at all
Can't you see girl I'm a no one
I'm nothing without your

Whenever you were near me
My heart was beating way too fast
I thought you felt the same way
I always thought that this would last
The time that I could share with you
Was the brightest that I ever had
So even if it's hard for me, I'm thanking you

Everthing's reminding me of you
Every face I see, everything I do
Why don't you want me anymore
Do you feel better now than before
I gave you my heart and now it fell apart


Sometimes I'm in a mood which is not so good
I feel that I need something to get soothed
So I walk down to the club and what do I hear?
A Ska band playing their songs, that makes me cheer

All I want is to dance in any circumstance
I just gotta move to that offbeat groove
My feet are taking me up to the sky
Yeah I'm so up high
Because that Ska sound makes me feel like I can fly!

As I come into the hall, the earth is shaking
Rude people, skanking, moving, shaking
The ambience is exactly how it should be
So I join the crowd and let myself be free

Ride To Nowhere

Little boy Bob sits in a train
But he has no idea of the destination
Cause he is all alone here in his seat
His mother left the train one station ago
And on the run she forgot her son
But still Bob's staying happy and released

All alone on a train
Destination nowhere
So much trouble and so much pain
Still not afraid still staying fair
Happiness won't go away
In spite of all this misery
So he won't cry and he won't die
He won't cry and he won't...

As Bob returns from the toilet
He sees his bag is gone
With all this toys, toothbrush and CDs
He looks out of the window
The weather is dark and rainy
And in the window he looks through
there is no glass

Driving into the unknown
Far off from civilization
Driving into the unknown
Far off from every nation
The ride keeps getting rough
But still little Bob is staying tough

Little boy Bob rests for a sleep
And as he wakes up the train stands still
And it is dark and cold...
So he falls to sleep again

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